Multimedia Stories are a go!


Our multimedia stories are moving along well. We have tons of media artefacts on the Year 6 Padlet and story plans are complete.

You can use Storyboard That to well… storyboard.

Here are some web apps that you can use to create your multimedia story:

Prezi for dynamic presentations, can use the parkhill kids account

Racontr for multimedia stories, will need to sign up

Squiffy for text adventures, like the old Choose your own Adventures

Scratch an animator using game mechanics

Wix and Weebly are website creators

Of course, you can use Powerpoint if that suits your story best.


Check them out!

Year 6 Padlet


Dear Year 6s,

A Padlet has been created for you to upload all of your digital media.

Please show the responsibility that you have and maintain these resources so that others can use them easily. Remember this will be visible to all Year 6 students and teachers.

You will need the password to be able to access it.

Year 6 Padlet